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Seedstock Partnership

Top Dollar Angus, Inc. is pleased to announce its new Seedstock Partnership Program. With the fall sale season going strong and the spring sale season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this new opportunity. The Seedstock Partnership Program allows seedstock providers to elevate their Angus and Red Angus bulls and females that genetically excel in growth and carcass value potential. It will also allow seedstock breeders to offer their bull customers a value-added marketing opportunity through Top Dollar Angus.

For a modest fee, seedstock suppliers who participate in the partnership program can incorporate the Top Dollar Angus logo into their sale catalogs, identifying each bull or female that meets required genetic specifications (top 25% growth and carcass traits.) The certification process is simple and involves providing the list of sale animals for review. Top Dollar Angus will then promptly return the list to the breeder, indicating which animals will qualify for the Top Dollar designation. In addition to the use of the Top Dollar Angus brand and logo, each breeder will receive credits to offset the herd enrollment fees for two to four of their top bull customers (depending on dollars escrowed into partnership program). It’s a great way to reach out to customers and demonstrate how much you care about their calf crop marketing success.

The Seedstock Partnership Program will allow a “top dollar” seedstock operation to stand out from the competition. By becoming a Top Dollar Angus Seedstock Partner and directly supporting your customers’ involvement in Top Dollar Angus, you will be offering them a marketing advantage in today’s challenging calf market. Top Dollar Angus has numerous buyers and feedlots that are willing to pay premium prices for high-end Angus and Red Angus feeder calves, but we need more qualified cattle every day to meet this demand. Top Dollar Angus will provide your customers with a better way to market their calves at market-topping prices, helping them attain a stronger return on investment with bulls they buy from you. This will keep them coming back to you — their seedstock supplier — for more Top Dollar Angus certified genetics.

Kenny Stauffer, Top Dollar Angus general manager, noted that this is a tremendous opportunity for program differentiation. “There is no better way for high-end Angus and Red Angus breeders to stand out from the crowd and to thank their customers for continuing to buy their bulls.  This program will allow genetic providers to identify their elite growth and carcass animals, and bring added value to their bull customers by helping them become involved in Top Dollar Angus.”

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